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HTML Color Palette Tool -- A Web-enabled Color and Background Tool for IE and Netscape
Version 1.0 (stable)Download (Win) 3.1MB, Download (Other) 2.9MB

HTML Color Palette Tool (Hcpt) is a web-enabled color and background tool for web developers. This single-page, Dynamic HTML tool allows you to experiment with multiple background colors and textures to see how text, lines, icons, buttons, and bullets look against them.

It works with Microsoft IE 4+ (5+ on Mac) and Netscape Navigator 4+. This tool comes complete with over 800 graphics files and background textures (>2.8MB). There is a self-extracting version for Windows and a 'tar.gz' version for other operating systems.

This tool is operating-system independent and only requires a modern web browser and access to the graphics files.

Web developers can also add their own textures and graphics by editing the 'index.html' file and placing the new name and file path into the appropriate place.

You can click on any of the thumbnail screen shots to see an enlarged view.

Text over a solid background

Lines over a background texture

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