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Here are some of the popular Web-enabled software tools & applications I've written. Each of these applications can be downloaded for FREE. They are distributed under GPL Open Source copyright. These are the tools I use and have found useful. Also, in an effort to fight "code-bloat," I've made these programs and tools very efficient, resulting in their small sizes.

The stable versions have been tested on an number of platforms and have no known bugs. The beta versions have been working on a number of platforms, but they typically lack documentation. The alpha versions are working on a Linux system, but have not been thoroughly tested. If you successfully install and run an alpha or beta version on another system, let me know and I'll include your name in the credits!

Comments and suggestions are welcome; send me an email at tools@horsburgh.com.

Released Versions (stable)
  • HTML Color Palette Tool -- A Web-enabled Color and Background Tool for IE and Netscape
    Version 1.0 (stable)Download (Win) 3.1M, Download (Other) 2.9M (Details)

    This single-page, DHTML tool allows you to experiment with multiple background colors and textures to see how text, lines, icons, buttons, and bullets look against them. It works with Microsoft IE 4+ (5 on Mac) and Netscape Navigator 4+. This tool comes complete with a large set (>2.7MB) of graphics files. There is a self-extracting version for Windows and a 'tar.gz' version. More...

  • HTML Tag Analyzer -- A Web-enabled HTML File Analysis Utility
    Version 1.1 (stable) Download 20K (Details)

    HTML Tag Analyzer (htaz) is a web-based HTML file analysis application. It takes as input a directory name and examines each of the HTML files in the directory and all sub-directories. This tool can be quite useful for sites that need a quick way to determine missing elements and to check for consistency. More...

  • nSite -- A Tool for Generating WWW Site Maps
    Version 1.1 (stable) Download 25K (Details)

    nSite generates site maps for a given WWW site. It walks a site from the root URL and generates an HTML, TEXT, or XML link page which illustrates the structure of the site. This is a highly configurable Perl 5 script and companion module. Using this tool can be a quick way to determine the structure of an unknown or complex web site. More...

Beta Versions
  • nPULSE (standard version) -- Web-based Network Monitoring Package for Linux and Unix
    Version 0.54 (stable)Download 380K (Details)
    Version 0.55p1 (pre-release)Download 381K (Details)

    nPULSE is a web-based network monitoring package for Unix-like operating systems. It can quickly monitor tens, hundreds, even thousands of sites/devices at a time on multiple ports. nPULSE is written in Perl and comes with its own mini web server for extra security. More...

  • ManViewer -- A Web-enabled Remote Manual Reader for Linux and Irix
    Version 0.9 (beta 1)Download 23K (Details)

    A Perl CGI that allows you to remotely search and view the man pages using a web browser. It allows partial word and phrase searching and section browsing. It also is fully hyperlinked within each man page. More...

  • FileManager -- Web-based File Management Package for Linux and Unix
    Version 0.97Download 153K (Details)

    FileManager is a multi-user, web-based file, directory, and remote command manager for Linux and Unix-like operating systems. It displays directory information, allows file viewing and editing, assists in directory navigation, and can execute any command for which the user account has privilege. FileManager is written in Perl and comes with its own SSL web server for extra security. More...

Alpha Versions (working but not fully tested)
  • nPULSE (SE) -- Web-based Network Monitoring Package for Linux and Unix
    Version 0.1 (alpha 1) 87K

    nPULSE standard has replaced nPULSE SE (see above)

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