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HTML Tag Analyzer -- A Web-enabled HTML File Analysis Tool
Version 1.1 (stable) Download 20K

HTML Tag Analyzer (htaz) is a cross-browser, web-based HTML file analysis application. It takes as input a directory name and examines each of the HTML, HTM, and SHTML files in the directory and all subdirectories. This tool can be quite useful on large sites that need a quick way to determine missing elements and to check for consistency.

The tags analyzed are
      <title>, <meta>, <link>,
      <h1>, <h2> .. <h6>

The recognized <meta> tag attributes are
      Author, Keywords, Description, Expires,
      Copyright, Generator, Reply-to, Content-type
      All Meta Tags (even if not in list above)

The recognized <meta> tag sub-attributes are
      name, http-equiv, content, scheme,
      lang, dir

The recognized <link> tag attributes are
      rel, type, href, media,
      charset, hreflang, rev, lang,
      title, style, target, dir

The contents of the <title> and <h1>..<h6> tags are also processed.

HTML Tag Analyzer is written in Perl 5. Some JavaScript is used in the "check all" and "clear all" buttons on the home page.

You can click on any of the thumbnail screen shots to see an enlarged view.

Main Screen / Command Input

Sample Result of an Analysis

Changes from Version 1.0.2 to Version 1.1
Fixed handling of " within a tag.
Misc. code and docs cleanup.
First "Announced" Public Release.

Changes from Version 1.0.1 to Version 1.0.2
Fixed "check all" problem.
Added some POD documentation in the doc directory.

Changes from Version 1.0 to Version 1.0.1
Added the ability to handle all types of meta tags via the "All Meta Tags" checkbox.

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