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Welcome to Horsburgh.com!

NOTE: This site was last updated in 2001! Feel free to browse, but some of the off-site links may no longer work.

This Web Site contains FREE information and tools on Information Technology and Software Development and Design. This site showcases the lessons learned and tools used to create network monitors, online catalog stores, data warehouses, web-enabled databases and data marts. There are a few fun things here also!

The most popular downloads are nPulse, nSite, and FileManager.

Time-tested Solutions
If your company requires leading-edge technology solutions that actually work, take a look around our site. You just might find what you've been searching for. We have articles in the areas of Intranet, Extranet, and Data Warehouse design and development.

Questions and Answers
We've created this site to showcase technology that works. If you would like to see a topic addressed or just have a question, send us an e-mail at info@horsburgh.com.

D i v e r s i o n s
While you are here, check out our Reference Area. The Writer's Internet Guidebook is interesting. Then, why not spend some time in our Just For Fun section? It contains some of the most outstanding tornado and lightning photographs around.


What's New
Recent additions & upgrades!

30 Jul - FileManager v0.972 released

16 Jan - FileManager v0.97 released

20 Nov - FileManager v0.963 released

24 Oct - FileManager v0.962 released

20 Sep - FileManager v0.961 released

18 Sep - FileManager v0.96 released

13 July - nPulse v0.54 released

5 July - nPulse v0.53p4 released

4 July - FileManager v0.95 released

13 June - nPulse v0.53p3 released

6 June - FileManager v0.94 released

3 May - FileManager v0.93 released

27 Apr - nPulse v0.52 released

27 Apr - FileManager v0.92 released

3 Apr - nPulse v0.51p4 released

2 Apr - FileManager v0.91 released


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