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nSite -- A Tool for Generating WWW Site Maps
Version 1.1 (stable) Download 25K

nSite generates site maps for a given WWW site. It walks a site from the root URL and generates an HTML, TEXT, or XML link page which illustrates the structure of the site.

Version 1.1 adds the ability to specify an alternate starting point for the site map. Version 1.0 allways started at the default (index) file.

  • The HTML site map consists of the page url, title, unique fingerprint, summary (as seen by search engines), and list of internal and external links. The links are 'clickable' with the internal links in blue and the external links in orange.
  • The TEXT site map consists of the page url, title, and unique fingerprint.
  • The XML site map is a list of XML <LINK>/<URL> structures.

The structure reflects the depth from the root page to the pages listed; i.e., the first-level bullets are pages accessible directly from the root page, at the next levels are pages accessible from those pages, etc. nSite assumes a typical, breadth-first, top-down site structure so pages may appear in a different order than originally intended.

You can click here to open a window showing sample output of nSite.

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